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The ROI of Green Buildings February 27, 2008

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In a Washington Post article titled “Saving the World Inside the Office,” they described the actions of Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel) trying to revamp their corporate headquarters to be more eco-friendly.

Larry Laque, an executive at Discovery, noted they had done the traditional recycling campaigns and standard energy conservation methods.  But they wanted to do even more.  “Green-handled, low-flush toilets were installed in every restroom. Three 400-gallon tanks in the garage stored rainwater to irrigate the company’s lawn. And numerous unnecessary light bulbs had been removed, such as vending machine lights.”

The point of the article was to tell companies how to “become part of the green solution.”  Discovery has taken the effort to get certified by the US Green Energy Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

The article points out, however, the unusual features of LEED certification.  Noted was the discrepancy between environmental remediation and key design features and the relative worth in the scoring method.   It quotes Bill Oatey, owner of the Oatey Co., a Cleveland Plumbing company.  They got one “point” for brownfield remediation and another one point for putting in a bicycle rack.

Almost missed in the article was the potential for economic return on investment.  There are some interesting and affordable options in the sidebar.  Like the use of collected rainwater to care for the landscaping and graywater (from sinks and water fountains) to flush the toilets.

As you look for ways to produce more energy, consider first the conservation of what you have now.  Doing good for the environment does not have to be bad for the wallet.



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