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“Building Green” doesn’t have to cost February 29, 2008

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Robin Suttell wrote a great article at Buildings.com that cites hard numbers of building environmentally friendly buildings.

The article quotes the 2003 study by the The Costs and Financial Benefits of Green Buildings which shows that the average premium for all 33 studied green buildings is slightly less than 2 percent ($3 to $5 per square foot).”

While it’s hard to generalize from such a small sample, most of the research believes you can build a building with many of the LEED standards without any additional cost. Most of the cost incurred involves taking time up front to think through the project with an eye to efficiencies, and the architectural time to put the ideas into the plans. “Green isn’t going to be cost effective or work to the highest levels of efficiency if it is tacked on somewhere in the middle or the end of the project,” says Turner Construction’s green guru Rod Wille.

Other studies suggest many of the improvements actually improve productivity, paying for themselves. Robin Suttell concluded that “Four attributes of green building design – increased ventilation control, increased temperature control, increased lighting control, and increased daylighting – have been positively and significantly correlated with increased productivity. Indoor air quality also has been linked to potential productivity and health gains in workplaces and educational facilities.”

Rod Willie adds, “If you can increase productivity by more than 1.5-percent over the 20-year term of a building, that translates into $40 per square foot you can put into a building based on the ultimate term of high productivity. … You can spend $40 per square foot more because you’re going to get that back.”



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