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10 Ways to Save Gas June 1, 2008

Posted by OldGuy in energy conservation.
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With fuel reaching all-time highs, double the cost of last year’s frenzy, Aaron Gold has provided us a list of ten ways to save on gasoline.  Some are pretty simple, like checking tire pressure, and others involve lifestyle changes, like taking public transportation or bicycle to your destination.
Gold’s Top 10 tips are

  1. Slow down.  Try driving the speed limit.  Just hang to the right lane to let everyone else pass by.
  2. Keep tires inflated to proper pressure.  WIll improve mileage and lengthen the life on the tires.
  3. Check the air filter and change promptly when it’s dirty.  Keeps the fuel mix at the right ratio.
  4. Accelerate with care – no jackrabbit starts.
  5. Maintain constant speed on the highway.  Continually slowing down means you have to accelerate more to get back to speed.  Trucks use this technique to save on long-haul costs.
  6. Use A/C only when needed.  When it’s moderate temp, and at low speeds, consider opening a window for air ventilation.
  7. Type of tire matters.  Custom wheels look cool, but generally aren’t as efficient. Use stock wheels for long trips.
  8. Clean out the trunk junk.  Hauling an extra 50 lbs takes extra fuel.  Consider if you really need all that “just in case.”
  9. Downsize to a more fuel-efficient car, especially for single-person commuting.
  10. Find alternatives to driving, such as public transportation, bicycles, walking or carpooling.

This is just a summary.  Read the full list and descriptions of each at his web post.



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