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Make your Fortune in Wind Power August 4, 2008

Posted by OldGuy in Wind Power.
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The Department of Energy has a great little publication for download on its website that you can use to set up your own green energy generation company.

The report is called “How to Build a Small Wind Energy Business: Lessons from California.”

The goal of the DOE is to have small businesses across the country – but especially in wind-prone areas – setting up capacity tied to the national energy grid. The energy producer listed in the report, Joe Guasti, owned two wind turbines as an adjunct to his construction company.

He chose the 10 kW generator from Bergey Windpower Company, and qualified for California energy tax credits – as soon as he got past the local regulatory officials! In Riverside County, for example, the process may take a year or longer and cost upwards of $6,000. Small wonder there are few turbines there.

But where the local officials are amenible, the processes are fairly well defined, and easy to negotiate. And in areas where electricity is expensive (such as parts of California), single turbine installations can reduce home electricity bills from as much as $400 down to less than $50 a month.

And for Guasti, the business is not just in energy savings. His construction company will put up the tower and connect it to the house for energy usage, and to the local electrical grid to sell back the excess power.



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