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Arctic Methane Threatens Environment December 5, 2008

Posted by OldGuy in Methane.
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In a previous post, I told you about methane hydrates, chunks of methane buried under the ocean.  The issue there is that if the methane is mined the wrong way – if it is exposed to the open air – it will sublimate direct to a gas and accelerate global warming.

This week, NatureNews reported that methane being released into the atmosphere as the arctic tundra begins to freeze.  It seems that when the tundra melted this summer, microbes in the groung got active and built up pockets of methane in the ground.  Now that the ground is freezing, the surface is contracting and the methane is being released.

In other words, when the area warmed up more than normal this summer, more methane than normal was created.  And then when it froze, the methane was released.

All we need now is a way to capture and processes that methane into fuel!



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