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Energy Saving Parking Solution July 5, 2009

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Energy savings is not just about better fuel choices or smaller cars. Companies are also introducing innovation in building design and development. Robotic Parking is one way to reduce auto fuel usage and reduce emissions by building parking structures with fewer materials and less stress on the environment.

With a robotic garage, the operator can park twice the number of cars in the same space as a conventional garage – or use half the space to park the same number of cars. It does this by removing the ramps and aisles needed to self-park.

According to William A. Berry & Son, Inc, a Boston-based building construction firm that does installations,

“patrons pull into an entry/exit portal that resembles a garage door and stop on a pallet system. Patrons then turn off their car, take their keys and exit their vehicle. Inside the portal is a computer system where patrons scan their card (either a credit card or parking card) and watch as their vehicle is transferred from the pallet onto a lift. Orchestrated by a master computer system, this lift moves the vehicle and parks it in an assigned space. To exit, the patron enters a well-lit lobby, where they scan their card and wait safely as their vehicle is retrieved and delivered to them facing out and ready to go. With its patented pallet system, robotic parking retrieves the vehicle in approximately two minutes.”

Imaging trading fuel of three hundred cars rolling up or down the ramps for an efficient electric motor.  Imaging the fuel and materials savings erecting a structure that is half the size and one quarter the weight.  Fewer construction vehicles working fewer days.

We’re not getting rid of autos for many of our cities – they just aren’t designed for public transportation to the suburbs.  But having a more efficient place to put all those autos during the daytime when their owners are working can produce aggregate energy savings.

For more information on Robotic Parking, visit their website.



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