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About Us

Even if the world does have enough oil to survive the next 3 decades, the developing world is consuming faster than the developed Western world.  The recent doubling in price is also taking a huge hit on the US economy.  We need to find alternatives.

This site is all about those alternatives.  We’ll talk policy and technology.  Some of you will teach me more than I knew to ask.  Together we can inform our leaders.



1. bibomedia - February 27, 2008

Have a nice day !

2. knowledgetoday - March 24, 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

3. Steve - January 7, 2010

I see a lot of generalities around. Very little collected specifics. This site is a good start. Keep up the good work!

4. Carol - May 31, 2011


What is your prediction for wind turbine sales for this country (USA) and around the world?


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